Disk space difference following Forklift 3 running?

Discovered Forklift 3 thanks to @bowline, slight problem though…

I ran DaisyDisk to see what files I had in my user home folder. Found I had a bunch of video files so I decided to move them using Forklift 3 to my external HD. They were 20gb, 15gb and 30 gb for instance.

As the app (Forklift 3) was moving those files, I created a folder called 3) Media to put my Photos, Movie, and Pictures folder in my Archive Drive. Before I started moving the files, I looked at the available storage and it says it was 31.42GB available on my internal HD.

After all the moving files to my Archive drive, it says I have 30.75GB left on my internal HD… In addition in running DaisyDisk again, it says it has 30.75GB of free space but when I go into the Mac finder it shows 58gb free on my HD…

I will also reach out to the developers of Forklift and DaisyDisk. I’d like to restart my computer hoping that fixes things but am hesitant at the moment. On the positive, I do have backups of the files on another external HD that I can restore from if needed.

Reached out to DaisyDisk and Forklift. Forklift I guess is aware of the problem and it’ll be fixed in an opcoming update.