Diskmaker X no more for Big Sur

I wanted to create some installation drives for Big Sur using Diskmaker X. Unfortunately he is no longer going to update it. Read more about it in this blog post: https://diskmakerx.com/about-diskmaker-x-and-macos-big-sur/

Any alternatives?

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A bootable USB stick?

(That can be done from the terminal)

Yeah but Diskmaker X worked so much more easily than all the other options.

I think I just sent him some $ as a thank you not too long ago, but I got plenty of use out of his work for many years, so can’t feel badly about supporting it.


Mac POWER Users… :slight_smile:

I don’t have time to fuss around in terminal for hours on end to make it work. I need a tool that works. Contributed $$$ to DiskmakerX. Happy to pay for an alternative application.

Having a bundle of flash drives is a huge time saver for me. And a life saver for some of my clients who might not have internet access to download the many gigabytes needed to rescue a machine with the Command R startup.

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No worries, Simply suggesting an alternate solution
as you indicated your preferred tool was not available.

However, not many folks are aware that you can
“drag and drop” into the terminal window, which helps
to minimize typing errors. Here’s how I did it:


I will try this a.s.a.p.

Better yet, use the path-grabbing trick to create a shell script or Automator action to make a tool you can use over and over.

There’s also Install Disk Creator, about which I know absolutely nothing.

I tried for 30 Minutes also reading the comments about --volume

No dice

That’s odd. The post you linked says createinstallmedia still works.

Not for me but I am very bad at using terminal…

I tried Disk Creator, worked great for Maverics but not for Big Sur witch I just freshly downloaded from Apple.

Going to try this:

After 4 failed attempts to follow the written instructions I followed the Video. I cant tell if I did anything different than the last two failed attempts (adding the space…) but it appears to be working.

I am a visual person. Could not deal with MS Dos switched to Mac the second it came out with a graphical user interface :sweat_smile:

Sorry for your difficulties, BUT you got it! :fist:

One needs to have 2 kind of qualitys for this kind of work:

  1. Persistence
  2. Desire for puzzling


  1. Experience in the dark art of the command line.

Apple has a support document for creating a bootable installer for Big Sur.


It is pretty straightforward. Copy and paste the one command line into Terminal and follow the instructions.



I had some trouble getting started, it kept telling me that the mount point was invalid. I reformatted the usb flash drive again and left the default name Untitled. The copied and pasted the string from the website on a plain text document and changed the last word from MyVolume to Untitled. Subsequently I copied and pasted this command formatted in plain text into the Terminal window.
I pressed enter, gave my password, and presses Y to start the process.

Below it what worked for me.
sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Big\ Sur.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Untitled