DiskWarrior Recovery Maker on Mojave -- created bootable DW drive

Bought DiskWarrior.
In the process of attempting to create a bootable drive to recover my TimeMachine backup, I ran the DiskWarrior Recovery Maker, but the dropdown to select a Source macOS Recovery Disk is grayed out.
Anyone know how to work around this?

2015 rMBP, 16GB, 512GB, APFS
External TM backup, WD MyBook, 4TB, HPFS+

I don’t know the answer but have you contacted DW support? I had an experience with them a year or two ago and their support was top-notch.

Thanks. Yes, sent an email this morning, but their response times for everything I’ve seen, including tech support, say two days, and I really need to get back on the air with my backups.

For future travelers searching for answers, I finally figured this out.
I connected a Carbon Copy Cloner bootable backup that I had created, and DWRM recognized it as a Source macOS Recovery Disk, allowing me to create a bootable usb thumb drive with DW on it.

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