Display HomePod "Now Playing" on Mac desktop

I’ve got a new HomePod mini in my office, and often it’ll play a song I really like or want to know about, but seeing the “now playing” is tedious because I have to reach for my phone or interrupt the music to find out.

Is there any way to display the “Now Playing” from a HomePod mini on a desktop?

Maybe “hey siri, what’s this song?” will work?
Just tested and it works for the homepod in my kitchen

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Yeah, that works fine, but like I mentioned, that interrupts the music (which is fine, but it’s a bummer that even when I’m on the same Wi-Fi network my desktop can’t tell what’s playing on the HomePod).

If you are playing a music from your computer in Music (or iTunes) you can still enable Miniplayer to get a small window showing Song/Artist/Album. I hide Album Artwork to make the window smaller still and tuck it up in a corner.

I understand this doesn’t help when streaming from your iPhone or iPad. Using Spotify or Pandora gives you even less options. Maybe someone else has better options?

So shortcuts has a Home action called Get the State of X Home (where X will vary by what you call your home).

With this, I can get the state of a HomeKit light , and it looks like I should be able to get the status of the HomePod, but for whatever reason that one doesn’t work. Maybe it’ll work for you.

Fwiw, I’m on iOS, but if you have Monterrey, maybe it’ll work there too.

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