Display rescaling on restart

I have recently seen display issues with Mac Minis on this forum, links below, but I think that my issue below is different so I started a new thread.



I have Mac Mini running MacOS Catalina on a Vizio 24" display (D24F-G1). Every time that I boot up I need to toggle the display settings in “Preferences” to 16:9 and then back to “default for display” to get MacOS to show on my screen without clipping off part of the dock and the menu bar on the top (see picture “desktop1”). After I toggle the display preferences all of the vertical space is correct but there are black bars on the left and right of MacOS where some of the display is not being used (see picture “desktop2”). I use the same monitor for my Windows PC for work and these issues are not seen. I have the TV set to “Normal” as opposed to “Stretch”, “Wide”, or “Zoom”. Does anyone have any recommendations? This issue does not happen after my computer sleeps, only after shutdowns and restarts.