Display setting for a short way of the Mouse/Trackpad

I bought two new 32’’ displays (3280 * ???) for my older iMac 27’’ 5K.
I placed them to the right and the left of the 27’’, and figured out pretty quickly, that it is a very long way, to drag something from the left display onto the right one.
Therefore I changed within the Display-Setting of macOS the positions of the Displays, as I moved the 27’’ above the two 32’’ ones, and placed my iPad under the left 32’’.

Therefore I have to go to the left lower corner of my iMac, to go to the left display, can from there go to the right, to get directly onto my right display, and up into the left upper corner there, to go back onto my iMac.
It is a little retraining of my muscle memory, to get it all in, but after a week or so of use, I get it done, and it makes the work with my setting way more comfortable.
The only disadvantage I figured out so far: You can not move a desktop from the iMac onto the two other display by dragging anymore, I thing because they are not at the same “level” anymore to just drag them over, but I have a workaround for that, so this is no big deal.

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I have a Kensington Expert Trackball with four buttons. I wrote a macro in keyboard maestro for two of the buttons to jump to next display left or right (and loops around).
This has cut down on my trackball “mileage” quite a bit.

There might be some accelerator function in eg Better Touch Tool, like “hold a key, go super fast.”

I am in an age class right now, where I start to get trouble keeping track of my pointer on four displays anyway, so if it starts to move super fast, I spent 80% of my days in searching my speeding pointer again… :joy:

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One of my favorite accessibility preferences is “shake mouse pointer to locate”. I find a red pointer easier to locate too.

Aug-28-2022 22-30-02

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Trying an orange pointer to go with NotePlan’s colors (and nicely coordinate with my blue wallpaper)

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Good choice!