DIY Overhead Cam

Hey everyone. I’m thinking about doing more paper-based ideation and wanted to mount my iPhone above my desk to easily capture photos of the drawings I do. Using mostly stuff we had around the house, I fashioned an overhead camera mount using steel pipe and a phone bike mount we weren’t using.


Love this! Would like to create something that’s the same/similar but, alas, no steel pipe at my household. Could you share the specific bike mount you used?

I think it’s this one.

I realize you have a solution now, but did you consider desk view in Ventura?

I have my camera and key light hung on some blackpipe. I love that stuff for quick builds to test things, which often turn into the real thing with a bit of extra paint.


Yes, I have that on deck, but desk view needs to use the iPhone right? I need the Belkin thing first and the one that’s available only works on laptops.

Hot off the press! Belkin Debuts Continuity Camera Mount for Mac Desktops - MacRumors

@beck Thanks for the link to Amazon. Very helpful.

This is a really good idea that Tina might use if she gets into making greeting card crafting videos.

Also admiring that ortho keyboard :slightly_smiling_face:

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The Plank EZ was a graduation gift for myself and I’m actually loving it!

Let us know if Tina does her cards that way, would love to watch.

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