DIY like service? (Bundling newsletters)

OK, yeah, I realize this is not Mac specific, but I like this forum so it’s the first place I thought of…

I used to use, and loved it. I knew they were tracking everything in my Gmail account, and the service was just worth it to me.
Unfortunately they no longer service Europe due to GDPR.

So I would like to be able to replicate this functionality. I tried to find a service that did something similar, but I couldn’t find one.

Does anyone know of any way to do this?

No need to go into content, but could you explain what is involved in your newsletter? Subscription maintenance? Web presence? Or just a occasional email to a contact list you maintain? Something else

Oh, no - I mean emails to me from tons of different services were gathered up and sent to me in a single email every friday.
It is a great service, even if they literally read your email.

Hmm. I suppose “create my own newsletter” doesn’t mean what it seems to mean. Thanks for the clarification.

Isn’t this what MailBrew does?

Not really. They want to make me a new newsletter, but from their selected sources. I want to gather all the emails I already get so I don’t get notified about them all, and then read them all together once a week.
It’s really close though, and if they had a larger selection I think I could make do with that and just let the ones they don’t supply be handled through labes or something. But they basically cover none of the newsletters I get.

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uh, ok. It’s unfortunate.

I just changed the title of this post because to the web developer in me it was asking a very different question! :wink:

I personally have been using FeedBin to wrangle my subscriptions, it turns each of them into an RSS feed and I can then see them in my preferred app (NetNewsWire), though this does cost $5 a month.

You could at just setting up a separate email, and checking that weekly, or using something like Zapier or Integromat to completely DIY something, but it’s probably going to be tricky to do.

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I would personally recommend Cleanfox.

LOL, that isn’t even what this thread is about. Your developer really needs to expand your search capabilities. It seems to be using a single keyword currently which gives incorrect results. Is there an email for your developer I can message about this?

Thanks, I don’t word good.
A combination of feedbin and auto forwarding might work…

Edit: Yep, gmail labels set by filters I create for each one I want to fwd works poifectly!

Thanks again :slight_smile:


You can pretend to be outside of the EU by using a vpn to make this service work.

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Fighting spambots is useful.

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It isn’t relevant to this topic.

Okay, I am really convinced now, this latest exchange is a spectacular demonstration.

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What do you think is relevant to this topic? Personally, I like the fact that emails get into inboxes and that I can read them. What about you?

I’m not a spambot. That’s a false narrative. Do you want to address this privately? We shouldn’t derail the topic any further.

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