Do Apple Pencils eventually get laggy?

Hey folks! I’ve got a 2017 10.5" iPad Pro. Still works great, so I haven’t upgraded it. But I’ve noticed my Apple Pencil occasionally lags behind while sketching and writing — and by a lot.

This is a relatively new development. Trying to figure out if it’s a hardware problem or software problem.

The Apple Pencil is currently at 50% charge or so and the iPad is at 80% charge. I’m using Freeform in this instance, but caught it happening a couple times recently in Notability too.

Has anybody experienced their Apple Pencil getting laggier over time as their iPad ages (or as the Pencil ages)? Is this something a new unit resolves?

OK folks, answering my own thing here. Apparently this is a known thing with Freeform, and there are multiple Reddit threads about it. Here’s one. Bit of a shame.


I haven’t noticed any lag in mine which is first generation. If you haven’t had it long contact Apple and they’ll send out a new one.

My wife had lagging issues with hers once, which was caused by the tip becoming slightly unscrewed.


I had a similar experience that was due to the tip becoming unscrewed. Once I fixed that, it’s never happened again. My Apple pencil has been in use since late 2018.

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