Do I have to switch to Notability?

As anyone who has read my prior posts and replies will know, I have tried to default to fewer apps and to using Apple’s apps rather than third party apps whenever possible. I have been successful, mostly. However, in addition to the most recent sync problems, I have had periodic syncing issues with Apple Notes over the last year or so. However, when I use Notability, the notes sync via iCloud perfectly, consistently and nearly instantaneously.

There are features in Apple Notes I like better than Notability. I also prefer the aesthetic of Apple Notes but I can’t keep wasting time trying to resolve syncing issues with Apple Notes.

So, I may have to transfer notes to Notability (another time sink). Who said computers make us more productive! :slight_smile:

Anyway, is anyone else considering this move or have already made it? By the way, I use both typed and handwritten notes so the app must handle handwriting. I like GoodNotes but not its Notebook structure—I prefer the simpler folder metaphor of Notability.

Have you moved away from Apple Notes due to syncing or other issues? Should I wait to see if the problem gets resolved? I’m a bit frustrated because I don’t understand why a third party app syncs better with iCloud than Apple’s own app.

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I’ve had syncing issues with Apple Notes as well. New notes sync fine for me but I sometimes see issues with inconsistencies inside of copies of a note if I edit it. It’s typically a few characters here and there but when they’re numbers that can be a problem. Did I want 1 or 100 of this?

I’ve been thinking for a long time (years?) and at a low level of moving to something else because of this problem but haven’t put in the time to vet alternatives yet.

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One of the issues I have encountered is similar to yours. Sometimes only half of my handwritten notes sync. I’ll have a complete note with all of the handwriting on my iPad but only the first two handwritten lines on my MBP and iPhone. This is only of many issues–very frustrating and a big time waste.

I have not had syncing issues with Apple Notes, but I use it more as an archive, than as a note-taker.

Notability is my main note-taker, and has replaced all the pad of paper and paperwork I used to carry. Every couple of months I look at another note-taking app, and I always miss the ease of use or some feature in Notability. It could be that I have my workflows around Notability.

I agree with you on the tree structure. I wish it would go a few levels deeper.

It may not be so bad. :slight_smile:

All of my important notes go into Evernote, but I like Notability for pdf and note taking.

Having said that, Apple Notes is more like a scratchpad for me because I occasionally have syncing issues (usually resulting in what I would call “version” errors). Eventually they sync up, but often I lose things between devices.

I finally updated to iOS 13 on my devices a couple of days ago. It’s a bit hard to say with limited data but so far it looks like my Notes syncing problem is worse than it was on iOS 11 and 12. Sigh… Anyway, I’m not thinking that waiting for them to resolve the problems is likely to be a very fulfilling strategy.

Sadly, I had to give up on Apple Notes after struggling with syncing issues for three weeks. I spent hours transferring my notes to Notability. I sent the following email to my contacts at Apple:

Thanks xx . I know that my issues with Apple Notes is not your problem. :slight_smile:

There are a few reasons I prefer Apple Notes but after struggling unsuccessfully to get Apple Notes to sync properly over the last three weeks I have given up and switched to Notability. I copied and pasted all of my Apple Notes (hundreds of them) to Notability. I’ll gain some features, lose a few.

As you know, Notability syncs via iCloud. It synced all of my notes immediately and accurately on all devices with no issues. I’ll admit that I’m disappointed and a bit baffled that a third party app syncs so successfully and consistently via iCloud but the native app does not. I know that Apple will get this corrected but at this point I’ve lost confidence in the app and certainly don’t want to take the time to copy/paste any new notes I create in Notability into Apple Notes at a later date.

Not that it matters but feel free to share the above with whomever should see it.

Thanks again xx, you are always responsive and helpful.

Blessings to you and have a great weekend!