Do I need FUSE for macOS?

I noticed in my macOS (High Sierra) System Preferences that FUSE for OS X is installed in my iMac (late 2014). Clicking on the OSXFUSE icon revealed this:

OSXFUSE allows you to extend OS X’s native file handling capabilities via third-party file systems. Visit the OSXFUSE website for more information. Installed Version 2.54; Update available: 3.8.2.

Do I need this? Update to FUSE for macOS or uninstall it completely?

I suspect that OSXFUSE was installed in this or a previous iMac years ago and has been carried forward through many OS X and macOS upgrades. Do I still need it?

I had it installed on my first iMac in 2005 but haven’t installed it in anything since…I can’t remember what I was mounting with it… probably to mount an FTP connection or something similar which I have long since replaced with cloud services.

Unless you are using a non-Apple filesystem like NTFS or Veracrypt, you don’t need it. You can uninstall it.

The application Papers also would offer to install FUSE because of the way its database file was designed. If you’ve ever used that app, that’s a potential origin for it on your system. If you STILL use Papers, you may want to keep FUSE.

Thanks for the comments so far - it appears that I don’t need FUSE. I tried to remove it using the already-present remove function, but it didn’t work, even after a re-boot. This makes me even more motivated to remove FUSE - if I can figure out how.