Do I still need my iTunes directory?

After upgrading to Catalina and the Music App I have two directories:

When I launch the app I noticed all my Music has the cloud icon (as I use iTunes Match) so its not downloaded locally. If I download a song it appears under Music/Media and not iTunes/iTunes Media.

I’m in the process of downloading all the songs in my library. Once I do this can I delete the iTunes folder and everything in it (including the iTunes Library file, iTunes Media, etc.)?

I wanted to do this myself so I made a call to AppleCare; it is not possible, you must keep the iTunes folder.

I was having issues with my cloud music library so deleted both itunes and music folders then held down shift to create a new library in a new music folder.
working ok now with just the one folder.

Well, so much for AppleCare :frowning_face: Thanks @aardy.

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So, when you did this, did you re-import all of your music, or just copy your music files into the new Music folder?

I did a re-import of it.