Do not disturb on Apple Watch - no notifications

I want to live in DND most of the time. Notifications pile up for future review fine on my iPhone but don’t show in Notification Center on the Apple Watch.

From everything I have read this is not supposed to be how it works.

Any suggestions?

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When your Apple Watch locks or you turn on Do Not Disturb, your notifications go to your iPhone

This is extremely disappointing. I was hoping to use my Apple Watch LTE as my primary device but this hand strings the device.

Anyone have any suggested work arounds?

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You might try theater mode.
Not sure what happens to notifications in that case, but worth a shot.

Thanks for the tips guys.

Re: Haptics
This would work but would not fit into my goal of making the Apple Watch my “primary device”. My thought is that it’s like a dumb phone with some super powers and would be a great way to distance myself from my iPhone. Turning haptics off means I never get notifications.

I could toggle haptics like DND however. It’s just tedious and I miss out in the smart DND modes like “leave this location” or in 1 hour.

Re: theater
This was perhaps the one thing I did not test and was excited to give it a shot. It taps the wrist still - just does not turn on screen.

I think I this is just a decision that Apple made and there is no work around unfortunately. I guess I am biased to this use case but this is fundamentally the opposite behavior I would have expected.

I have the opposite problem. When I am not wearing my watch, I get notifications and alerts on my phone just like I want to get them. However, when I a wearing my watch, my phone never makes any sounds. My watch taps me, but if I miss the tap, I never know that I have a notification until I glance at the watch and see the red dot. I’ve missed way too many text messages from wife because of this, and may have to stop wearing the watch.

Any advice?

Have you tried the other arm? You might have some sensory neuropathy in your usual watch arm.
Also, in Settings, Sounds and Haptics, there is a Prominent setting for haptic alerts.

Thanks for the thoughts, John, but what I want is for my phone to continue making sounds in addition to what the watch does (or does not) do - not to improve the haptics on the watch.