Do you ever feel this way? “I’m Starting to Hate Working with Computers”

When I got my first IBM Model 5150 on the job in 1981 I thought – this is a wonderful new world. No more paperwork. Now, 38 years later, I telework 90% of the time – on the phone in meetings 60% of the day while fiddling with Skype or Adobe Connect on one screen, and working on other documents on my MacBook.

The two things that changed are: I haven’t worn a suit to work in years, and with a virtual office I don’t get the “colds” that working in crowded rooms spreads. :smile:

No, I don’t hate working with computers – I hate the bureaucracy that computers enable, and that the “paperwork” never went away, it just became virtual and embedded in more and more process, rules, and checkers.


I don’t ever feel that way. I love working with computers. I’ve actually been thinking about this a lot lately, because for the past few weeks I’ve been composing a journal entry that chronicles everything I can remember about how my fascination with computers began and grew, dating back to the data processing class I took (by accident) in high school 40 years ago.

I work in a medical center, but I’m not a provider. If I were a health care provider, I’m pretty certain I would have a significantly different attitude about working with computers these days.


Actually I love working with computers to automate things.
What does make me feel sad is the way some tech companies use their technology “for evil”.

The answer to that is not simple, but I tend to totally avoid those companies if I can in my use of the technology I love.

It depends on the computer. I have a corporate cheapo craptop that is so overloaded with “security software” and Group Policies that is is virtually unusable for productive work. It runs Win7 with an old-school spinning drive. I hate that thing for sure.

Working from the home office, I can use the iMac 99% of the time and I love this computer.

What still sparks most joy, computing wise, is the iPad Pro.

I just unscrewed the laptop, got the HDD out, bought an SSD, cloned the HDD to the SSD, installed Linux with a dual booter and upgraded RAM. Then I had a snappy corporate craptop with Linux for other tasks.

I even got a secure Win7 environment (including production software) to run in a VM on my MBP.

Our IT has a problem with me: I know more than they do. :smiley:

But we reached an aggreement: on my laptop (new, shiny, SSD thing) there is R, RStudio, TeX, TextExpander, 1Password and other stuff and I promise not to hack their stuff all the time.


No, I don’t hate working with computers, but I fear we as a society are spending far too much time staring at screens. Myself included!

I’ll admit there are some days I do hate computers.

Those are the days when “this should just work” doesn’t. An update hoses up something, or the computer starts crashing unexpectedly.

The day when you open up your laptop, creative juices flowing and ready to go, when you come to a grinding halt because the computer, then the apps you use, HAVE to install. updates. Right now. And they take forever to install.

Basically when the computer quits being a tool to get work done and instead gets in the way of doing work. Those are the days when I’m ready to go cut grass for a living.

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My personal “hate working with computers”: presentations.

PowerPoint was released in 1987. And over 30 years later:

  • oh, mini HDMI, not HDMI. Do you have DisplayPort? Wait, I have a DVI adapter… but we could still go for VGA…oh no, not on this laptop.
  • why is there no image on the beamer?
  • why does this embedded video not work?
  • Video 1, Video 2, Video 1, Video 2, …
  • Wait, no WiFi…do you have it on a stick?

More on topic: I spent my first work years with a typewriter. And you didn’t type a memo or a letter just because you felt the urge or replied in a matter in seconds. And we didn’t get less work (measured in units produced, not emails written) done as today.


I definitely don’t hate working with computers, I do however, hate how I can’t think of technical solutions to problems sometimes because lack of experience or something.

Basically I hate not knowing what I don’t know and the more I know the more I don’t know. :slight_smile: