Do you grind your teeth when you see a backslash instead of a slash?

Like \Users\jane ?

I also shudder when I hear people say “forward slash”.

It’s just me, isn’t it?

I don’t often come across accidental backslashed, but I do inwardly roll my eyes when I hear people specify “forward slash” when speaking a URL.

The direction of slash is dependent on the OS. For example, Unix, Linux, macOS use / while Windows based systems use \

Used in the correct context, it should not cause any discomfort :wink:

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Just started a new job where I’m forced to use a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10. Cringe every time I see paths defined the Windows way (“C\Users\name\Documents”).

I was about to correct you, and just learned how input is sanitized around here :grin:

Exactly my point. And since this a Mac forum…

It depends in my mind, the the great typeface / font issue, I know the correct words to use, but the users say it one way and I need to not confuse them. I would be happy to say slash here but I would say forward slash elsewhere

Backslashes get confusing when you are used to them escaping so that \n denotes a newline character, for example.