Do you think the M1 MacBooks will be able to handle two monitors in the future with a software update?

Could the current M1 MacBooks possibly have a software update in the future that would allow them to handle two monitors instead on one? Or this is technically imposible with the M1 and If I buy one, it would never be able to have more than one external monitor.

What do you think?

Nothing is impossible, with the possible exception of knowing what Apple will do in the future.

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Sorry to disappoint, but I am 90% sure this is impossible. I think it has been proven by tear downs, and also, if that could have been done, Apple would have done it right out of the gate. They would have wanted this product to do the most it could possibly do on release.


One of my rules in life is that you should never buy something today based on what you hope it might be able to do tomorrow. Only buy it if you are happy with what it can do today.

Even if there are workarounds available today for something that is not supported, those may stop working at any point in the future.

So I would advise you to wait if you need 2 monitors with a MacBook.


I think that it’s a hardware limitation. What might be possible is for Apple to allow the choice of whether you can use two external displays or the internal along with an external, but even there I think there may be some “hardwiring” that’s happened which precludes the option.