Do you Use a Silicone Keyboard Cover for Macbook Pro?

Does anyone here use a keyboard cover for the macbook pro? I have had one on for a few days and I like it as it gives me peace of mind regarding spills. (my last macbook died a tragic death after a tea accident on the keyboard). However I’ve heard some people say that having one on can damage the screen. Does anyone have experience with this?

Had one on (before I sold my mbp) for the same reason.

It did mark the screen but nothing that wouldn’t wipe clean, used for about 8 months.

On a side note typing with it I didn’t overly like!

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My screen constantly has letter shaped smudges.

I put a Mosiso black silicon cover on after a crumb (I assume) went under one of the keys resulting in a weeklong repair consisting of replacing the keyboard, trackpad, top case and battery. I think the new MBP keyboards have a silicon protector underneath the keys, I figured I could put one on top to prevent that from happening again.

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Yikes! That’s exactly what I’d like to avoid… I’m so paranoid about keeping this laptop working as I really can’t afford a repair or replacement right now.

I have had a protector on the keyboard for many months, and no issues besides cleaning the screen.
I also have a screen protector on so I can clean that with less worry.

I haven’t heard of potential damage though, is that a real thing?

Apparently it can damage the screen because there’s so little space between the keys and screen…

I think they’re just covering themselves. I used to have an Acer and used a really thick cloth due to its large gap and bendy screen. If I used that on this machine, it would cause damage. Macbook tolerances are small, but I am very confident that any brand name keyboard cover is fine. Mine is Moshi’s thinnest and, whilst I generally hate it for the aesthetics and feel, it works fine.
Oh, and I put tape round the edges to prevent dust entering there, plus I have the screen guard.
When I close, metal still touches metal, so there shouldn’t be any mechanical damage.

But still, needing this on a 3000 dollar machine is nuts.


I appreciate your perspective. I guess I’m just being a bit paranoid! I agree though… spending 3000 on a laptop and then having the keyboard be so finkey is very frustrating. I miss the keyboard I had in my 2013 Macbook Pro.

Had a keyboard cover on the MacBook Air for a couple of weeks and noticed that the machine was overheating. Apple itself recommends not covering the keyboard.

My solution for protecting the built-in keyboard: I mostly use an external keyboard. I travel three to five days a month and only use the built-in keyboard when I’m on the road.

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I use a very thin one (<1 mm) mostly as a dust protector. Sometimes I get some key-shaped smudges on the screen but apart from that the Mac closes without any issues. I feel more comfortable with this in place, knowing that I already had to have a Genius clean my space bar once.

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