Do you use Elgato Control Center? Maybe for Key Lights? Do you have a mystery dot on the menu bar?

If you have seen this icon in your menu bar:

ECC Menu Bar Dot

then you may have wondered “Why is that stupid dot there?”

Maybe you tried to google for it and failed to find anything useful.

Maybe you assumed it was just some stupid new icon design.

Maybe it drove you a little batty until you finally realized there was no hope and you had to just accept it.

Well, you don’t.

You just have to know that the dot is trying to tell you: “Hey, one of your devices has a firmware update!”

When you click on it, it is not obvious (at least not to me) but if you look very closely inside the red circle:

you will see another dot (compare to other devices).

Click on that, update the firmware, and the dot will disappear from your menu bar icon, so the relief that is usually only possible by dislodging a piece of popcorn wedged into your gums, or a terrible splinter, or some such.