Do you use smart rotate in widget stacks?

Do you use smart rotate in widget stacks? Why or why not? Have you found the rotations to be “smart?”

I don’t because the order I put them in is the order I want to see them in. I found that it wouldn’t show me what I wanted to see when I wanted to see it.

My examples include I have 2 small stacks at the top of my screen with the weather on top on one and a calendar on top on the other side. Those are what I want to see at all time. The weather one as news within it and the calendar has reminders, but I don’t want that info at the top.

I tried it, but it didn’t make sense for me. I didn’t feel the rotations to be smart in terms of my workflow. I waited for the “emotional high” of the widget to subside a little bit to see what flows. I only use 1 home screen consisting of the following.

  1. Fantastical Widget (Event List + Calendar)
  2. Omnifocus Widget (Forecast Rectangle)
  3. Fitness Widget (Square Activity)

I tried, but found it actually was not all that “smart”
So I went back to regular stacks that I can rotate to suit my schedule.

I use a couple of smart rotating widget stacks mainly because I like to keep to at most two pages of icons/widgets on the phone.

I’m not sure! I think it’s just a stack that I use. I always end up flicking through the stack for what I need and can never remember what I selected last.

I struggle to get too much actual helpful information from most, but one for another thread!

I have a stack of OF widgets that feels like it shows me the higher priority perspective most of the time.

Trying to stack multiple apps in a Smart Stack was mostly frustrating. The one in there that seemed smartest was Maps, but most of the time it surfaced to tell me obvious information (go home, etc.) I had the same problem as others with disorientation inside the stack when looking for a certain widget.

I’m always happy to see Photos pop up in any stack whether it’s timely or not. :slight_smile:

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