Do you use "tap to click" on your trackpad?

  • Tap to click
  • Regular click
  • Both (on different machines, or switch back and forth)

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The biggest problem I have with my 2017 MacBook Pro is that I constantly get accidental taps on the massive trackpad. I think this is caused by stray finger touches, resulting in my cursor jumping around. I tried turning off tap to click for a while, but having to forcibly press down to click drove me nuts. It might just be a case of needing to retrain myself, as I’ve used tap to click my entire Mac life. It got me wondering what others use, hence the poll.

Never use it but then again I’m a mouse guy.

I support windows laptops and I go well out of my way to download drivers / apps to disable tap to click on some track pads. Depending on the user and trackpad it can cause a ton of typing errors and frustration.

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I use tap to click on most Windows laptops I have to work with, but I’ve never had it enabled on my MBP. I also have the “silent click” enabled.

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