Do you use your Macbook / Laptop in your Bed and other "chilling areas" in your home?

Hi Community,

Background info: Since a few years ago (and also since the pandemic aka home officing) I tend to use my Macbook Pro 15" (2015 Model) as a Desktop Computer connected to a dock to two monitors (giving me 3 monitors in total with Macbooks own display). I kind of got used to my OSX-Productivity system with 3 screens over several years – I do all my high demanding / work on my Mac. There are nealry no times anymore where have only my Mac (travelling, university etc.) since im mostly at home.

When I take my Macbook only I feel like Im missing my desktop view with 3 screens and directly wnat to connect it to the dock. I thought like, i could take my Mac into my bed and spend nice time with it (no work just relaxing), but no. My brain is already like Mac = High brain work. Therefore the mac in my bed is not really exciting to me, so I ended up falling asleep several times with the mac on my belly in my bed. (never happened to me with my ipad in my bed, which I only use for reading.)

So actually for me it is like that: Macbook Pro (desktop / working horse); iPad (Bed reading aka digital book); iPhone all the times in between thiose previosly mentioned. Do you have any idea how I could use my Mac more often outside the desktop world? I always feel like an iPad / IPhoneone is more comfortable to carry around etc., but I would like to use my mac more often.
Maybe the 15" is also too big to always carry around? Would like to know about your insights and thoughts and what size your laptop has that you carry around. I ahve a 13" mbp as well, which I used to carry around and it is much more comfortable. (However most of my data etc is in the 15" and I am sucking at synching plus I dont want to use the cloud etc.) I always made good experiences with the 15" mpb, but I am thinking about to go for a 13"/14" mbp soon, just because of portability issues, but I always feel like the 13" mpb is lacking a bit behind in terms of power regading the 15" mbp. The 15" mbp is a “too big” beast sometimes…


If most of your communication work can be done with macbook (chat with iMessage, work uses Slack, etc), just bring your mac literally anywhere. When you’re hanging out with friends, if the conversation starts to turn low and they check their phone, that’s when you open your macbook. “It’s the same as you checking your phone! I just prefer my laptop”

I personally prefer laptop to phone/tab/desktop, especially Apple’s laptop lineups (but then, ‘concerning taste, there can be no dispute’ — De gustibus non est disputandum - Wikipedia). When taking laptop to bedroom, my favorite pose is lying down on stomach. When I hang-out with my friends (restaurant, bar, curb-side) I take out my macbook while my friends use their phone.

The mindset I’m following is “my finger can navigate and type much faster when combined with keyboard compared to touch screen”.

I only got to work at home for three months last year, after that I had to return to normal working hours (from July 2020 onwards).

I don’t experience what you describe as I’m only at home at weekends and use my MacBook in offices, cafes and whenever I need to get anything done. I have no issues using it without a dock to get work done. When at home and not at my desk, I have a riser for when I’m working on a sofa/bed and find I can work just as well as when I’m docked. I often like to move around the house so I can work in different places, and love this freedom that is offered by having a laptop.

I also use an iPad for reading, but find I get work done much slower if I try and use iOS as file management is so badly implemented. I’ve never brought a laptop to bed with me though, then my iPad Mini is my reading device as it’s the perfect size.

I have a 16" and 13" and I can confirm that the 16" is not comfortable to carry around.

I’m using my 13" M1 Air in bed and it’s lovely to know it won’t get hot etc.
I used to have a 15" Intel MBP and it was too big to comfortable, relatedly use in bed out even on the settee. It was also too hot (so a lap tray meant it really was huge). I would never go back to a bigger, hotter machine for cooling areas now.

Having a Mac in bed means I can do serious stuff (work/hobbies), but I’m not convinced that’s healthy for me so I’m considering options.


I never use a macBook in bed. Too fiddly.

I work entirely at home, and usually use the macBook (16") on a lap desk. I have a real desk with monitor, dock, external drives, etc., but only connect up there about 20% of the time. I’ve used this and all previous laptops (Mac and Windows) without monitors for so long that I’m comfortable doing whatever work I need on that smaller form factor. I only bought the monitor to put Teams and Zoom meetings on it so I could comfortably see all the tiles.

My M1 MacBook Pro is my iPad. Which is to say it replaced an 11" iPad Pro. As such, yes I use it in bed sometimes. That is usually when I want to tinker with something (usually results in bad sleep quality though as my brain is in too high a gear) or to watch a me-only TV show. I’ve been watching For All Mankind season 2 on it. It has a fantastic screen for quality video content (as did the iPad Pro before it).


You have an 13" mbp right? I think the 13" is just more suitable for the bed than the 15" version. The other problem is also that I fall asleep with my laptop on my belly,w hich is kind of dangerous for the macs safety…

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I have enough trouble sleeping without a computer within reach.

Correct, the 13". I can imagine back a few years people using a 17" ‘battleship’ for the same purpose may not have had quite the same experience. :grin:

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Alright! I remeber that 17" beast! It is funny that we we have a 16" now with the same bezels like my MBP 2015 (15") version. And Seriosuly? I am hoping for a TouchMacbook Pro so hard, where you can fold the keyboard or even detach the Display and use your Mac as a 16" ipad. That would be so georgeous.

Honestly: Why should I go to bed with a laptop?

It’s better company than a heated bedsheet.

Seriously though, beds are comfy. It can be nice to end the day, have a shower, settle down in bed and chat with family, read some articles, play a game etc. Just avoid anything resembling work is my advice. Which I don’t follow.

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I still have my 17" stowed away somewhere. Man that was a heavy brick.

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Of course, switching up your seating position is a must. I do have a standing desk with multiple monitors and computers. I sit on my high quality desk chair most of the time, but also stand or use a stool without a backrest from time to time. In addition, for more casual or reading-heavy work that doesn’t require multiple screens I will often use the couch or bed. This is part of the reason why I kept buying notebooks as my primary devices since at least 15 years.

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It’s not easy to avoid that!

Wasn’t Macs’ migration to M1 (that is, a Mobile arm architecture) the first step to touch screen macs? I am speculating here :stuck_out_tongue:

All signs and interviews point to the contrary. Never gonna happen. And: it’s a terrible idea. Touch can become pointer (as iPad proves). The opposite does not work (as Microsoft keeps proving with the Surface ecosystem).


Thanks, I read a lot of articles after reading your reply.
What I thought when writing that was a Yoga Book-like device and macOS having a ‘tablet mode’ like Windows does. That’s a bad design IMHO, but just a wild thought

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I would actually love some kind of hybrid mode where the Pencil can be used. But it could work since it’s a precise pointing interface, like the mouse is. Touch is a trickier, lower common denominator. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thats also one reason for me , as I wnat to have my “productictiy” syystem while travelling or goign somewhere. 15" Macbook PROS (!) have been my choice, however currently I am thinking of the anticipated 14" as the display differences between a 14" and 15" shouldnt be so big, however the bezels of the new 14" Mbp will have nearly the bezeles of the old 13" mpb (2015 version), which is crazy for me in terms of portability.

My Only concern is the following: Often the bigger mpb is more flexible and powerful, when it comes to modifying the internal parts on the apple website. I never really used a 13" mbp and worrying kind of about their “durability & performance” in comparison to a 15" mbpb. I am using my mac 12 hours every day. And my previos 15" mpb lasted around 5 years in this way (gpu failure on 2011 mpb – thanks apple for nothing!) and now I am using my mbp 2015 (15") since around 4 years.

Now I am already thinking about the next Macbook Pro for a usage of the next 5-6 years.

Everytime when i read something regardin gthis I get so thrilled. My biggest dream is the following: The screen is detachable. Once I detach it it is a 14" or a 16" iPad pro with iPad iOS and once I attach it to the keyboard its a normal mbp. I would than use the detached display for reading purposes only, since I ONLY use my Ipad for reading (its my digital book), not more. Since the ipad is ight, small and more portable its a big pleasure to read ona big ipad screen.