Dock or Multi-Item Adapter

So I was forced into a new 13 inch MBP recently and am struggling with the port change. I’m looking for recommendations on a multi-use adapter or dock that can offer 1-2 of the older Thunderbolt ports (similar to video-out for my RIP 2014 MBP), 1-2 of USB 2/3 ports, and maybe a SD card reader (though that is much less important than ports).

I suppose I can have HDMI ports over Thunderbolt and can get adapters on that end. I don’t know. I’m so far behind the curve on adapting that it’s making my head spin.

Thoughts or guidance?

Are you looking for something to use as a dock on your desk or something to take on the road with you?

At the moment, both. I ended up ordering a multi-port adapter that plugs into both USBc ports and has some older USB ports, a HDMI port, a USBc port or two, and media reader ports. I’m hoping it will do the trick. We will see.

What have you found useful?

I have found no reason other than dual displays from one cable to buy a TB3 dock instead of a USB-C… are we going with adapters then? We just call them “things” at work.

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For on the road I have a little USB-C hub (from HooToo) that has USB-C power passthrough, a couple of USB-A ports, and HDMI port, and some sort of SD card slot. It works well enough.

For docking, I use the Belkin Thunderbolt 3 dock. I have one at work and one at home: being able to plug my MBP into a single cable for everything is really quite nice.

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Thanks! I’ll look into the Thunderbolt doc! I finally found a USBc hub that sounds like yours but from Maketech. Seems to do what I need it to.

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Funny, I started looking at a TB3 dock… I’d love to be able to connect two external monitors, but can live with 1, as uncivilized as it feels… :slight_smile:

I ended up with a USBc hub that has some USBa ports, memory card port, and HDMI port. At the moment, I’m using that port for my external monitor.