Dock Recommendation

Hi guys

Would you be able to recommend a decent dock?

I’ve been using a CalDigit mini thunderbolt dock and it’s been awesome.

Now we are being allowed out a bit more these days I’m in the office and at home 50:50 so ideally would like another dock… having to unplug and plug is just a pain!

Also, I now have an M1 and have no need for the duel display.

Is it worth getting another mini or is there something better? I’m the home office I could do with a longer cable between the dock and laptop as it’s just hanging in the air as the stand is higher off the table than the lead stretches

I have no need for SD cards but USB ports and the like are always useful. I do also need an Ethernet connection.

Thank you so much in advance.

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I don’t have a lot of experience but I heard the mini really is the best. I know I love mine and if I needed another dock, I would just buy the same one.

Thank you sir! No point in changing something that isn’t broke!!

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I use the 24" LG Ultrafine 4K monitor sold by Apple that has a couple Thunderbolt ports and several USB ports (all with USB type-C connectors) so I have no need for an additional dock and have only one cable going to my MacBook Pro.