Docker on Mac - no room

Docker - fatal error Docker Damon failed to start. No space left in device.

Searches led me to command lines to system prune commands. Every related command line returns connection refused error.

Not a command line guy…Docker running smooth for a year or so and now this. Hoping to just clear it and everything works again.

You’re saying you’ve run something like docker prune, and it can’t find the volume?

Docker is running. It stuffed itself up and refuses to work until it has more space.

I am reading the prune command line takes care of that issue, however I get another error preventing command lines from working…not unfounded volume, rather not allowed like a permissions issue or something.

Connection refused.

Even tried the Reset Docker to factory defaults button and still getting the constricted message…refuses to launch Docker desktop.

I’ve never used docker, but it’s possible that your container has run out of it’s allocated space so it cannot start (like a computer which has no spare hard drive space)

This may explain why it can’t accept a connection and the error message about lack of space.

Yes, think so. Problem is i need to alienate space. It is apparently a known issue where this reserve space is suppose to expand and contract - BUT - a bug or something it is only ever expanding. Need to get in there and cut out the fat.

Any mariadb / mysql instances running? Please check for logfiles taking a lot of room (exlude log-bin in starting that container.

2 Questions:

  • what commands do you run exactly?
  • Did you try to delete containers from the GUI?

Increased space, from the gui, which allowed the app to run. Ran the prune command/s from terminal. Had an experimental welcome image which was not running and it got purged so the command appeared to have done its job.

However I can not quite see a real difference, unclear how to prevent this sort of disruption in the future.

You just filled up your disk with images. It can happen in a few ways.

If you’re building a bunch of things over and over make sure to run docker images prune. That will get rid of any dangling overlays. Also be sure to get rid of any unneeded images, especially base images if you don’t need them anymore.

If you run a bunch of short lived containers and don’t need to keep them around be sure to use the —rm flag on docker start

The nuclear option is to run docker system prune. That will delete everything that isn’t current used.

If you’re using the docker desktop app I think you can do all if this from within the GUI.

Not as knowledgeable in this space - step-by-step?

I will do the image prune as another step.

Docker ran good for about a year - maybe this is annual maintenance…

easiest is to go to the db folder (look at your container config for which one that is) and check if there’s files in there with the format [hostname]-bin+sequence number

I sometimes have to manually remove them if my docker instance somehow forgets to set the –skip-log-bin flag and they start filling my drives. I monitor my docker use through rpi-monitor (another docker image)

Without knowing which images you are running and how you use them, it will be difficult to help.

Also: did you search for this error message? The first result on Google seems to be quite helpful.

Yes, those posts are what led me to the partial solution above. Note that none of those options work if the drive is over stuffed…so one needs to find their way to settings and expand size before being able to follow those instructions.


Those are the images installed, and about the only one really in use atm would be sonarr (lighter use with Radarr.)