Docker: Updating packages inside Docker w/o blowing things up

Looking for easiest way to update apps inside Docker on Mac and Synology, ideally an automated method to prevent the need for manually updating (ie. watchtower.)

Hello everyone!

I have docker operating on a Mac and a Synology DS, running primarily starr apps.
Over time I drifted away, getting frustrated w/access to links and the admin required to manually manage content (I’m sure there are more tools and more to learn to make this easier mind you.) NOTE: I am not a coder or tech head… I followed tutorials and what not, needed help getting the link structures to work…novice.

2-3 years pass and I’m returning to get the media servers back in fighting shape. Glad to see he apps appear to be running ok (new media not yet confirmed.) That said, everything is way out-of-date. I updated Docker on Mac and that alone is now so foreign it seems.

The more I research and read the deeper the rabbit holes get and more daunting the journey. It is like relearning this from scratch, and onley want to update packages.
All I’m looking to do is the following:

  1. Update apps running in Docker w/o blowing it up (ie. rebuild)
  2. Ideally automate the process so updates happen easier.


  • M! Mini running MacOS Ventura 13.1
    • Docker (updated April 30th, 2023)
    • Starr apps (time stamps 2-3 years old, albeit working)
    • 1 container w/the start apps inside.
    • Download an external desktop app
    (apparently not using portioner so just installed that)

• Synology DM 7.1
• Docker (20.10.3-1308)
• Starr apps (these are indicating as ‘test’ in the container view - auto updating?)
• Transmission is one of the container apps.
• For some reason I’m not seeing these apps grouped like on the Mac.
(personal preference would be to get it get it grouped like on the Mac)

Thank you for anyone pitching in…presume there are some here w/similar setups.

Guides reference Registry. Not seeing the registry now through the new Docker for Mac. On Synyology Registry is an option in the left bar however no data. Docker hub and one called Alliyun have no data.


General connection issue - trouble shooting.


My vote is Watchtower for the auto-updater. Once you have it running on your NAS it should mostly stay that way. It’s best to let Watchtower auto-restart your containers (the default setting) unless you have a specific reason not to (e.g. it has a good chance of interrupting movie night.)

I’m not quite following the connection issues; you’re saying you can’t search on Hub like this?

Connection issue for Synology was related to a bad vpn cert. That has not been fixed … it could have been that way for a while I never noticed. :smiley:

I think (based on the ‘latest’ suffix on the packages that it would always be pulling from the the latest - always up to date (?) - still clarifying. The Mac, though, doesn’t have that. The updated Docker for Mac is so much different….I’m kind of used to the old boring interface to get things done…not making much sense of the the new enhancements.

Looking into watchtower…

Registry is back (the primary, appears the secondary might be dead and doesn’t matter.)

Portainer stuck…can’t get to the interface URL. Troublshooting.

`2023/04/30 07:49PM INF > encryption key file not present | filename=portainer
03:49:52 pm
2023/04/30 07:49PM INF > proceeding without encryption key |
03:49:52 pm
2023/04/30 07:49PM INF > loading PortainerDB | filename=portainer.db
03:50:20 pm
2023/04/30 07:50PM INF > no cert files found, generating self signed SSL certificates |
03:50:21 pm
2023/04/30 19:50:21 server: Reverse tunnelling enabled
03:50:21 pm
2023/04/30 19:50:21 server: Fingerprint 8f:8c:1c:32:e7:9e:20:2d:bf:0a:d5:a8:ae:4a:61:2f
03:50:21 pm
2023/04/30 19:50:21 server: Listening on
03:50:21 pm
2023/04/30 07:50PM WRN > failed to retrieve docker info | error="Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at unix:///var/run/docker.sock. Is the docker daemon running?"
03:50:21 pm
2023/04/30 07:50PM INF > starting Portainer | build_number=29775 go_version=1.19.4 image_tag=linux-amd64-2.18.1 nodejs_version=18.16.0 version=2.18.1 webpack_version=5.68.0 yarn_version=1.22.19
03:50:21 pm
2023/04/30 07:50PM INF > starting HTTPS server | bind_address=:9443
03:50:21 pm
2023/04/30 07:50PM INF > starting HTTP server | bind_address=:9000`
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  • Mac updated
    Watchtower running smoothly in docker for Mac (unexpected, yet running well).

  • Synology
    Watchtower added. Portainer now working (required a delete and reinstall.)
    All apps working EXCEPT:
    – **Unable to access the web gui for Prowlarr ** Stuck.
    – 30 hours later, it is working on its own…no idea why now or what changed. All working.

We can close thread.

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Docker and Synology are topics foreign to me. But interesting. It is awesome watching true power users hack away and getting things like this to work!

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