Docking a Macbook Pro M1 with Apple Peripherals

BLUF: Can someone refresh my memory on any potential problems using Magic Keyboard and Magic Mouse with a Macbook?

I’m replacing my Mac Mini with a new 16" Macbook Pro. I like the portability for those occasions when I move to the couch or even outside the house :smile:

But I will still use the MBP at my desk. I’ve read other threads about the best docks/hubs. I really only need to connect my external monitor and an occasional USB device.

Will my Magic Keyboard/Mouse work when the MBP is closed? Does that still require a power connection to be present? I know inexpensive hubs won’t provide power, but I’ll have my MagSafe beside the desk. Should I look for a vertical stand?

I would appreciate any thoughts or best practices on the subject…

I use both the keyboard and they mouse on my M1 pro and it works Without any problems

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I use a MBA M1 that’s usually sitting in Twelve South’s BookArc. I use a Magic Keyboard and Mouse with it, and they work flawlessly.

The Air is connected to an LG Ultrafine 24”, which doubles as a dock/hub.


My OWC Thunderbolt Dock has arrived but the M1 Max doesn’t arrive until mid December. My plan was to power the MBP via the OWC when I’m docked (and have a Drobo attached). This powering off kind of concerns me, but I’m thinking that just setting the computer to not sleep while it is connected to power would solve that (that’s my hope anyways)

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