Document Camera Recommendations

Our 10+ year Elmo document camera has seen better days. We need to retire it and find a modern replacement. Our budget is ~$300.

Would love to hear product suggestions and trusted places to shop.

Thank you in advance!

Elmo’s low-end OZ-1 model (8MP, HD video, USB 2.0) sells for $230 with whiteboard base.

For obvious reasons this model is backordered everywhere now.

Elmo’s next model up is almost $500.

The HoverCam Solo 8 Plus (13MP, 4K/30 video, USB 3.1) is around $360.

This could be s total non-starter depending on your use, but it’s my current set up at school and may be of use to you.

I use an old Android phone with Droidcam and an old Windows pc. Similar things work on Mac too.