Document comparison in Nitro PDF Pro?

Are any of you Nitro PDF Pro uses? I have this app through Setapp, and the documentation claims I can use it to compare two pdf documents, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to do it. All the images in the online documentation seem to be for the Windows version. If you know how to do this, please let me know!

I have PDFPen, but not Pro. Don’t think Compare pdf’s an option in my version. But being curious, I found the following (which has no images to cause confusion).

I was unaware they have a Windows version, by the way.

Thanks for looking at it! I found the same webpage, but they refer e.g. to a “Review” tab, and I can’t find a “Review” tab or any other tab in my version. As it turns out, Adobe Acrobat does seem to do exactly what I want, although I am now struggling to get it to save the lovely side-by-side comparison it generates.

Might not be fruitful, but I suggest contacted PDFpen Pro support on that discrepancy between the documentation and the app.

On the Nitro website, if you search for “compare” you only see the “Compare PDF Files” reference is you search the Windows version. If you search the Mac version you don’t get that reference.

Don’t forget that the Windows and Mac versions are two different code bases. Nitro wrote the Windows version and bought PDF Pen from Smile, renaming it Nitro PDF.

Good to know!

I had no idea about the history of the app. I had just assumed that Nitro was PDF Pen rebranded, and that the Windows and Mac versions would be essentially the same.