Document Scanning - ScanSnap still worth it?

Office Clean-Out Time!

Hey MPU,

I put in new flooring in the office (removed carpet and had LVP installed). I forgot how fun or troubling as the chair slides around while working. For reference, I am a sit/stand desk using an Herman Miller Embody Chair.

Main topic - I am emptying out a lot of the paper, records, etc over the years so I want to scan… Is it still worth buying the ScanSnap in 2023 with M1/2/3 Macs?

Side Squirrel Topic - Anyone have suggestions for good quality footstool, or mat? Does everyone move the mat when they are standing and slight it under their desk when sitting?

I love my ScanSnap, I have elderly parents living with me so we get lots of hospital appointments etc via snail mail, i scan them in quickly and attach them to the calendar entries.

You could do it with a phone but the ScanSnap works really efficiently.

BTW, nice chair, I have one and I love it


I still use mine quite a bit - especially since the insurance companies like paper. I also used to carry their smaller 150 around for scanning records for due diligence work or records from the client’s offices.

I still use mine daily and like it a lot. I am less enthused about the software which is a bit clunky but overall it just works day after day.

I have been using ScanSnap scanners for 10+ years. Heard about them on MPU. I’m on my second one, a ScanSnap s1300i. Still love it, even with the SS Home software. Gets the job done for me. Simple needs though. (Scan; give it a name; save.) Maybe there are better scanners/software but there is no reason for me to change.

I bought an iX500 10½ years ago and I continue to use it almost every day (20,000 sheets so far). It has needed occasional cleaning but other than that has worked flawlessly. I actually like the ScanSnap Home software and make use of 6 different presets besides Auto. Most scans get filed automatically using Hazel.

While I can scan with my iPhone, I find it far easier to use the ScanSnap, and this is especially true for multi-page documents.


I bought three of these [comfort mats](Imprint CumulusPro Commercial Grade Series Mat, 24-Inch by 36-Inch, Black years ago. I am not sure whether they they are still available.

No recommendation for footstool, but I use this mat.

And yes, I slide under the desk when I am sitting.

Yes, my ScanSnap works flawlessly, second one I’ve owned (upgraded from the small “stick” like single sheet scanner) and have another one at the office. Can’t remember having any issues.

Just replaced my S1500M with an ix1300. I used the 1500 for over 12 years and while it still worked ok, the software hassles were getting to be too much. Opted for the 1300 as I don’t scan as much anymore since there’s no backlog and I’ve significantly reduced the amount of incoming paper. I’ve occasionally used scanner apps on my phone but it just doesn’t do the job as well.

I may buy a new scanner because my old ScanSnap’s software is deprecated. I’ve been using it on an old machine with old software and then transferring the PDFs over.

I’m waiting to standardize on USB-C. Do any of the new scanners have USB-C native so I can run a C to C cable? Of course I can run a USB-A to USB-C cable but if I’m upgrading a perfectly functional scanner just because the scanner is old and deprecated, I’m not going to buy a new scanner that uses old USB ports.

I had another brand of sheet feed duplex scanner in the past and was amazing to get organized. More recently I got rid of my scanner as it was taki bc up desk space, and most of the time documents are electronic, or if it’s just receipt or mail I need to scan the scanner pro app is more than good enough (and does ocr).

So if you are routinely scanning a lot of documents sure get the scanner, or if you need to digitize your life get one. If you are just scanning going forward I would consider what your use case is, as the iPhone camera scanning for a few pages a day is just so convenient I don’t think you need the duplex scanner.

I’ve enjoyed this one:

And also, I still use my scansnap multiple times per week and I love it. Someone on here posted some alternate software when I was having trouble so that’s an option too if scansnap home doesn’t cut it for you.

If the only reason is that the software is no longer working on newer macOS versions, then perhaps take a look at VueScan. There is a trail mode that puts a watermark on scans, but it will let you confirm that the software works with your scanner.

Vuescan was going to be my savior when I first learned about it. Until I dug deeper into the app. It turns out the author, by all accounts, including multiple posts here on MPU forums, is a complete lunatic. And I don’t want the headache of dealing with him.

I’m actually thinking of just switching to an iOS phone app for all of my scanning as someone else here mentioned. I really only need to scan maybe 100 pages per calendar year these days, and while less convenient than a physical scanner, the phone app takes up less space and I don’t have to deal with lunatic app developers.

I use my Scansnap daily (ix1600). The only thing I don’t like is that the software is not Apple Silicon native. I am hoping that with the release of Sonoma they will release it. It has been almost 3 years but … Every time I ask support they say it is coming. Ricoh now owns Scansnap from my recollection.

Fair enough. But note that I bought my license in 2007 and have not once needed to interact with the developer.

Good luck whatever you decide.

Love the hardware. Not a fan of the software. Switched to VueScan. Also clunky and overkill for my simple needs.

As you may be aware, there’s an alternative to VueScan called ExactScan. I don’t know much about ExactScan, but it does seem well-regarded, especially the “Pro” version.

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