Documents offline synced in my iPad, how can i do it?

I am trying to push myself for the iPad mobile productivity solution.

Except from the plane I always have internet. However it is quite disturbing that when I want to access a file, I need to go into the Files/Dropbox app and download it from the cloud. This takes time and data if I am on LTE. In a Mac, the file is in the hard drive so the only waiting is for the software to open it. In the iPad/iPhone it takes more time since it has also to download it.

In a few days I will become a 1 TB iPad 12.9 user, so my 20 GB of documents are absolutely no problem to have in my iPad using space. Has anyone found a solution where the iPad syncs the documents via iCloud or Dropbox? (I use both on my Mac). I would like that this could happen without opening any app (meaning, I do not want to open to sync for offline use). Probably tell the app which folder(s) need to be always synced and ready for offline use. My idea is that it works like in a Mac, without doing anything, it is synced and ready in my iPad when I need with out worrying about syncing.

Do we have a solution? Thank you

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If you store the files in Dropbox you can have certain folders sync to be available offline with Documents - or if you pay for Dropbox then directly in the Dropbox app. While it should work automatically I’d always recommend opening the app and giving it some time (manually pressing Sync in Documents) before heading to the airport/getting on a plane just to be sure.


My biggest problem with using Documents is that it does not expose synced folders to the

…or any other App. I’m running double syncing of everything now just to have stuff available in the Dropbox App and in PDF Expert. …and this is going to expand into triple or more if I add any more “edit in place” capable Apps to my workflow.

This seems to be a good solution. I usually use iCloud but seems like Dropbox will have the winning hand if it syncs the documents automatically. Thank you very much Rose :slightly_smiling_face: