Does AI Photo Unblur exist on the Mac?

In the “spa ad” for Google Pixel they mentioned AI photo unblurring as a Pixel feature missing on the iPhone. What a wonderful feature! Is there a way to do this on the Mac? I tried an online version that did an amazing job, but I don’t want to send my personal photos to some AI engine. I was hoping Pixelmator Pro could do it, but seems not yet. Any recommendations?

Topaz Labs makes a product called Sharpen AI that does on-device sharpening of photos. You can download a demo version to see how well it works for you.

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The new Photoshop Beta supports this. You can use the new AI tool.

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Topaz Sharpen AI is an important tool in my arsenal which has enabled me to use some photos that I otherwise would not due to not being sharp enough for my liking.

However, I would not use the term “unblur” for what it does. If you have a “blurry” photo it won’t magic a sharp photo out of it, What it does is sharpen. No doubt others will interpret the language differently than me, but Topaz Sharpen AI fixes small misses on focus or small amounts of motion blur. (Yes, there’s the word blur. See what I mean?)

Certainly try it out for your purposes because when it works, it’s magical, but when it doesn’t you might prefer the blur.


Thanks. What I was hoping to do is improve old family photos I have from the 1960s, 70s and 80s (maybe some newer ones, too). I’ll try Topaz Sharpen AI.

I also found a Reddit Thread that pointed me to something called GFPGAN which looks to be a Python package that does the same. The images on GitHub look impressive, but I have no idea what it’s doing in the background. Not that anyone wants to steal pics of my grandpa, but it’d be nice to know they weren’t.

You might also like to trial Topaz Photo AI. It also does sharpening, but also includes other processing as well. I’ve similarly been trying to rejuvenate some old photos, and it has done a remarkable job on some. It’s a bit more of an auto-pilot tool, but worth a go.

There’s also On1 Photo Raw that has powerful AI tools, including “Tack Sharp”. I’ve used it to greatly improve old family photos.