Does anybody still use Yojimbo?

I’ve become frustrated with the DevonThink sync peculiarities, and most of the time don’t need something as “heavy” as it is.

Does anybody still use Yojimbo? It was one of the first shoebox apps released and in typical BareBones style it is still available and chugging along.

It’s hardly changed and the iPad situation remains laughable. However it is a Mac-assed Mac app.

Curious as to what others think?

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My love for Yojimbo knows no bounds… except that it got abandoned by Bare Bones. They’ll argue that it’s not abandoned, but it’s not like it’s kept up with the times either. I tried for years to get them to make an iPhone app for it, I even offered to make one myself, but it went nowhere. Sadly, Yojimbo is destined for the scrapheap of once-awesome apps.

:beer: Pour one out for:

  • Yojimbo
  • VoodooPad
  • Circus Ponies Notebook
  • Delicious Library
  • OmniWeb
  • … and more!

I actually just started using it again when I wanted a place to put handy little bits of text.

Still works great.

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VoodooPad. That was great. I check in on the user forums occasionally and they are still claiming to be working on the app, despite the forum constantly having spam posts all over it…

It’s a sad state of affairs. I honestly think Craft is what VoodooPad could have been.

I don’t miss/haven’t used any of these apps.

I used yojimbo many years ago. I wasn’t thrilled that it kept my files in a database and eventually switched to EagleFiler which uses normal Mac folders.

I’ve never understood the point of EagleFiler. It’s like a Finder replacement that also does email? I’ve always thought it was a very odd application.


EagleFiler is my “everything bucket”. I can put every kind of file in it and EF will find it faster than Spotlight. My main EF library is an archive of non-current files that I want to keep. Recently I found a drive with thousands of files that I had saved years ago. I dumped the files into EF and it only imported files that didn’t already exist in my library. It’s a “Swiss army” app that does a lot of things.


Another vote for EagleFiler. It’s the embodiment of a “less heavy” DEVONthink.


I just looked into it. There is also a companion app for iOS. My impression is that it is free although I’m not certain.

I loved Circus Ponies!


Zawinski’s Law:

Every program attempts to expand until it can read mail. Those programs which cannot so expand are replaced by ones which can.



So…if I import a PDF into DEVONthink, it goes into some sort of hashed folder. Am I seeing correctly that EagleFiler keeps them in a more natural-seeming structure, but still in the “library”?

EagleFiler uses regular Mac folders and does nothing to the files. If you choose to stop using the program just drag the Files folder out of the library. This is the contents of my Archive folder.

Although I’m hot sure how folders are represented behind the scenes in a DEVONthink database, you can also simply drag DEVONthink folders out of the app and into the Finder, and it will maintain the structure.


Looking at this as I’m migrating out of Evernote. KeepIt seems similar to EagleFinder. Advantage is that there is no 3rd party hosting (just iCloud)