Does anybody use a browser "workspaces" type app?

I can’t believe this just landed on my radar recently, since they’ve apparently been around forever - but I’m seeing a number of apps that manage “workspaces” in the browser. Basically groups of tabs that can be opened/closed, but they’re retained as groups in a separate in-browser app.

Does anybody have a favorite app for this sort of thing? I’m currently using Firefox, but I’m seriously considering ditching it in favor of Chrome since Firefox has been giving me a ton of problems lately.

Any guidance/advice?


Following … this sounds interesting.

The 2 I know that I think do what you’re describing are Vivaldi and Station both of which are chromium based. The grouping is novel but I eventually ended returning to Safari/Firefox for performance reasons.

Vivaldi is pretty interesting and worth a look if you haven’t already checked it out.

Can’t this be done with extensions?

I use the Containers plugin on Firefox. It’s great in that I can be signed into with two different O365 accounts and both are kept separate. it also has a dedicated Facebook container which prevents leakage of data to other websites.