Does anybody use any earbuds with hooks like Powerbeats Pro, but *NOT* Powerbeats Pro?

I’m looking to replace a pair of PowerBeats Pro headphones, and at this point I’m hoping for something that DOESN’T have Apple’s “magic switching.”

I’ve got all of my devices set to not connect to them unless they were “last connected to this device,” but nevertheless I still see their battery statuses popping up on other devices, and when I go to walk the dog they have lots of issues with audio cutting out when I get toward the bluetooth range of my unconnected devices. Literally, playing audio from the phone in my pocket, but it seems like they’re still trying to talk to my two Macs, my iPad, my Apple TVs, etc. that are still in my apartment.

So I’m hoping for something non-Apple that’s decent, has ear hooks, and has acceptable microphone quality for indoor use.

Any suggestions?

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A little adjacent to your original request, but perhaps Aftershokz would work?

Also, just want to commiserate, the magic switching is a total nuisance.

I’ve had Shokz, and I love them, but I need closed ear for my current purposes. In a perfect world, I’d have noise cancelling too - but I realize that there are limits to reality. :smiley:

Yeah. If I never wore the headphones out of the immediate vicinity of my (gathered) devices, I think it would be less of a problem. It just sucks when something I do multiple times per day has me drifting in and out of range of all my other devices, and they garble the music I’m listening to because they can’t multitask. :smiley:

I’d even be open to the possibility that maybe they got it better with the H2 chip, but the PowerBeats were never updated with it, the AirPods Max don’t have it, and I need something that can’t possibly fall out of my ears for spring/summertime.

Shure Aionic 215s have worked well for me and have the ear loops you seem to want.

Here’s the [Crutchfield]
(Shure AONIC 215 (Gen 2) (Blue) True wireless Sound Isolating™ earphones with Bluetooth® 5.0 at Crutchfield) link.

At the other end of the scale from @thewrylibrarian I bought my wife these.

Soundcore Sport X10

No noise cancelling

I agree on the “Magic Switching” - drive me insane on the Gen 1 AirPods pro

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I have a pair of Soundcore Space A40 earbuds, which I’m very happy with. Active noise canceling, excellent battery life, and good sound, especially for the very reasonable price. You can fast switch between two devices if you want to but there’s no “magic switching.”

See Wirecutter’s review: The 4 Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds of 2024 | Reviews by Wirecutter


Does it not have noise cancelling, or does it just not work well? The web page for it says:

Sport X10 has 6 microphones and noise cancellation technology to pick up your voice clearly and block out background noises.

I think that is for the calls rather than Noise Cancellation for listening. I will check though.