Does anybody use File Cabinet Pro or Commander One?

Looking at the current BundleHunt (BundleHunt), and I’m wondering about File Cabinet Pro and Commander One. Does anybody use either? Are they good / well-written / useful?

I think File Cabinet Pro is a good buy if you need quick access to folders from the menubar and the BundleHunt deal is also good value, I got it last year and with my “special deal” license it updated itself today to the latest version, so there you go. It can display several folders in its small tabbed interface, like having a floating Finder window you invoke from the menubar, which is convenient.

Oh, and it includes my favorite “New Markdown Document” action for creating quick .md files.


I use File Cabinet Pro, also bought on Bundle Hunt.

I really like the ease at which you can browse files, my issue is that I sometime forget it is there. It works really well.

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