Does anyone except me use Youtube Music? And own a HomePod?

From: r/YouTubeMusic mrbilinski

You can now use YouTube Music on your Apple HomePod speakers


We’ve officially launched YouTube Music support on Apple HomePod to all Premium and Music Premium members globally. To get started, ensure you have the latest version of the YouTube Music app, then go to Settings > Connected Apps > Connect with HomePod. Once setup is complete, you can say “Hey Siri, play music on YouTube Music” to get a great mix going.

If you set YouTube Music as the default music provider, you no longer have to say “… on YouTube Music” every time. To do this, go to the Home app (on your iOS device) > Settings > Tap username > Tap Default Service and choose YouTube Music.


I’m sad that this feature is region-locked. Either Youtube only has this feature on countries that has Homepod, or Apple has set this limitation. Seems a great idea to listen to concert videos.

I was excited to play Radiohead’s In Rainbows from the Basement on my Homepod.

Sorry to hear that. From what I read, it’s supposed to be available everywhere.

I decided to check the settings again. Lo and behold, Connected Apps appeared.

I can now listen to Thom Yorke chanting Loosey Goosey on my Homepod.


Thanks to this and the price increase for Apple Music, I have canceled my Apple Music subscription (as well as Arcade and TV) and I’ll be sticking to YouTube Music - which I have thanks to subscribing to YouTube Premium.

So far, I cannot tell the difference as all my favorite music is there, and I’m saving over €200 a year just by dropping the family plan for Music. I share my YouTube Premium with my family so nothing is lost…


ditto. I have canceled all of my Apple Services except for 2TB cloud storage. YouTube Premium is our favorite service and getting YouTube Music for free is like finding money between the cushions of the sofa.

The people paying for Apple Premier One will be paying $456/year now… wow.


I was subscribed to YT Premium for months before I tried YT Music but once I did I was sold on the service.

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I’m also astounded by the quality of the service. I have never used YT Music until now, and the user interface is faster and more responsive than Apple Music and I find the audio quality great.

The nice surprise for me was that it had learned from my YouTube usage, and already knew the music that I’m into.

The Apple Watch experience is surprisingly on par with Apple Music too.

Favorite streamers? for us its ResortTV1, Retro Game Corps, and Ron on the Go

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I’m afraid most of the channels I subscribe to are pretty boring. I was never a gamer, Pong arrived at the local Pizza Hut the year I finished college. And I’ve only been to a theme park twice and both times were to photograph a corporate event.

But I did play Zork a couple of times in the early 80’s. :grinning: