Does anyone have a favorite hiking app?

I’m looking for a hiking app that will provide hiking trails, position me within known trails, and keep track of total miles (and other stats). All the options I see are subscription based, but I’m not sure which one to try out first. I live in the U.S.A. but any app that has international map sis a plus!

take a look at AllTrails app or ViewRanger as a second option

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Hi, I use an app called Trails although primarily for recording my own hikes. It records the details of the walk which can be exported as a GPX file and stats such as distance, duration, altitude and pace etc. I believe it can be used to import GPX trails from although I haven’t tried this.

You can try the app and record up to five trails free. I would recommend having a look, I like it.

When I hike, I use (That’s the app name too) for trails and location. It downloads OpenStreetMaps onto your device so you don’t need cellular data. It doesn’t traditionally track you (or at least I haven’t figured it out), but I run a work out on my Watch, which does.

When I’m on my bike, I use Ride With GPS.

I started playing with viewranger (I’m an Android user though…) And their AR is kind of cute :slight_smile:

I use komoot mostly for riding my bike, but it also supports Hiking (and other sports). It has an Apple Watch App, offline maps, suggestions and l, at least here in Germany, a very active community.

I have been using MotionX-GPS for many years and it provides a huge number of features… Tracking progress in time, distance, speed, and elevation. Waypoints. Maps. Etc. It provides export to Google Earth and raw GPX files.

One additional use… When parking in a huge field with hundreds of cars like at a concert venue… Set a waypoint at my car when I arrive… Then after the event go into bushwack mode and follow the line back to my car :smiley:

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I second this, I use AllTrails all the time.

Thank you all for the recommendations!

Bump, 3.5 years later to see if things have changed?

I went on a hike this weekend and really wanted to see the map on my watch, which of course the Workout app doesn’t do.

AllTrails is subscription-based, and I read the Apple Watch app isn’t great. Komoot is also a subscription, and I don’t think it has a Watch app. Workoutdoors seems to be popular, and it’s a one-time purchase. Does anyone have a 2022 take on hiking apps?