Does anyone have a 'FolderBrander like' app that will work on maxOS Catalina?

In my work life I have always used FolderBrander’s file app to put the details of a client and project on the folder and in my dock. Today I was just about to install Catalina when I seen FB would no longer work and everything I see in the App Store is mostly about changing pictures not text.

There is 1 app I seen called Folder Factory but it doesn’t look all that promising.

I’m hoping if you don’t know of an app that perhaps there’s a easy work around I haven’t thought of yet!

That’s too bad. Looks like it would have been handy.
You should be able to open an image in Preview, use the markup tools to place your text on the image, then select all, copy and paste into the folder’s icon on its info window.
Essentially following the steps here, but adding text to the icon.

I’ve used Image2icon in the past and found it worked well. It’s available directly from the developer and is included with a Setapp subscription.

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Over the years I’ve picked up Foldery, Folder Library Pro, FolderMarker, Folder Designer, and FolderMarker Emoji, all in the MAS, I think. Used them very sparingly (some picked up only because they wen’t temporarily free). Surprisingly, none have been updated more recently than a year ago, and some are 4-5 year-old abandonware. So I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t work on Catalina either. (I haven’t upgraded yet so I don’t know for sure.)

But the Mac App Store descriptions tell you in the description whether an app works with the Mac you’re on, in the Compatibility section. So if you see something that says it works it should work. And if it doesn’t you can ask Apple for a refund.

Ive got to try this! - Thanks John!

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4 years later and I came back around to this and Im going to purchase … THANKS TIM you’re the best!