Does anyone have a Mac app or script to mute/toggle a *specific* audio input device?

I’d like to be able to press a hotkey or tap a menubar icon or click in a purpose-specific floating window (i.e. something easy to do) to toggle mute/100% volume on a named input device.

I have a setup between Rogue Amoeba’s LoopBack and Apple’s Logic that makes my recording task independent of the system input and output devices, and as such I don’t need to (and would probably forget to) set the system input or output prior to recording. Even if I did commit to do this as a preparation task, none of the mute apps I have tried so far seem to work on my USB mic interface even if it is set as the system input.

What about MicDrop?

Thank you both. SoundSource was an option I already tried. It will only easily mute the current input device, which is not exactly what I was looking for but would have been workable, except for some reason it’s muting of my USB sound device is ineffective. Don’t know why.

I had found Mic Drop and initially thought it was also failing to mute the device, but it turns out LoopBack sees the input levels regardless of any muting. On testing Logic, I discovered that Mic Drop manages to mute all input devices, which will do the trick.

How about Shush?
This works on my USB Webcam (which includes a mic).

I used to use that when I would direct connect my mixer to a line in port, but I’m pretty sure I stopped using it when I had to get the USB interface. That said, I should try it again now.

AudioSwitcher, may be?

That’s a cool looking app. It looks like a two-click action to mute/unmute a device but it is the first app I have seen that explicitly (says it) supports devices that are not the ‘current’ device.

I have Mic Drop working now (only because it mutes all devices, by design or otherwise) so that’s what I will go with, but thanks for suggesting it. I’ll keep that one in my back pocket.