Does Anyone have a sleep tracking app that they like


I’m using SleepWatch and find that the information is not that accurate. Does anybody have a sleep application that they feel you don’t have to fuss with but just tracks your sleep based on the fact you’re not using your iPhone and your heart rate falls.

With my ADD the app that I previously had required that you said I’m going to bed now and also I’m waking up now and I found that I often forgot to trigger the app

I really want to work on improving the quality of my sleep and if there are other hardware that talks to your iPhone I’d be willing to make that investment


I’ve been using the Pillow app and have been happy with it. The app automatically starts tracking and gives you a report in the morning. I haven’t really compared it to others but I have no complaints with this one. Plus, the UI is nice.


Autosleep doesn’t really work all that well, lots of false data and sometimes doesn’t record data at all. Bought it with other apps in a bundle from the developer. I was then charged full price for each app seperately which didn’t help to sweeten the deal. I would stay clear of Autosleep and the others from this developer.


I’ve switched back and forth between looking at AutoSleep’s results and Pillow. They are both using the same data from the Watch via Health – but seem at times to come to completely opposite conclusions about such amorphous things as “sleep quality”. I favor AutoSleep for no scientific reason other than it seems to reflect my own perception of the night’s sleep and “quality” than Pillow does.

On the other hand, a lot of AutoSleep’s analysis (as well as all the other sleep apps I’ve tried) seems to be meaningless hoo-hah. In one recent week I went from having a 17% “sleep debt” one day to having a 2% “sleep debt” two days later, when all I did was go to bed 15 minutes earlier the day in between these. Goofy.

So, I’ve decided that what app I use doesn’t matter, what matters is using just about any app that seems to be accurately portraying the movement and heart rate data from the Watch, noticing the trends, comparing those trends to my own perceptions of “healthy sleep”. It would be just as easy to look at the raw data in Health, but at least the apps consolidate the data in a few charts.


I’ve tried them all and have settled on SleepWatch. Autosleep always seemed to need constant adjusting and fiddling.


I’ve used Sleep cycle for years and it works good enough for now


I’ve recently been testing AutoSleep and Sleep++ and found them both to be inaccurate. Open to new app suggestions.


I use sleep ++
Love the app, simple, fire and forget.


AutoSleep does the job for me.


Sleep Cycle is the app for me. Very accurate. I also track with my Fitbit and they match pretty closely… in fact I tend to use Sleep Cycle more often to check that my Fitbit has recorded my sleep correctly. Used the app for a full year now.


For me, sleep tracking apps are a bad idea…

… If I know I’m going short on sleep I get anxious - and that prevents me sleeping. So I prefer to avoid looking at the question too much.

Talking to other people, some of them have the same problem as them. So I offer this perspective in case it helps anybody.