Does anyone have experience on PolyCloud / CrowdStorage

PolyCloud by Crowdstorage - their pricing seems very attractive. Does anyone has any experience good or bad?

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by the way, Arq supports PolyCloud

Same pricing as B2 20% cheaper than B2, and no egress fees for up to 100% of data.
I’ve got some data I’d like to make an immutable backup (or just cold) of, so may give it a try.

Also - I’ve wondered why someone didn’t spread bits across multiple servers as a security measure, and they are. Cool.

Yes, I am also on their waiting list. Hope to hear from them soon

actually, PolyCloud is 20% cheaper : Polycloud storage is $0.004 / Gb /month vs B2 @ $0.005 / Gb / month

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Hm. Not sure where I saw that, but you are correct. Edited my comment above.