Does anyone here have an Apple XDR PRO display?

Does it bother you that your display cost more than your Mac? In some cases multiple times more…

Just curious?

When it was released it was said to be PROs in specific industry. Are you one of those or you bought it because you wanted to?


I can kind of understand the monitor’s cost, but $900 for the stand is just over the top to me.

It’s also interesting that BestBuy, Adorama, etc.'s prices are higher than Apple’s.

I would just think of the stand as part of the cost, not a separate thing.

I briefly considered getting one, because back 25-30 years ago I remember getting one of the high-end brand monitors (NEC I think it was), and it was beautiful. It cost far more than any other consumer monitor, but it was easily worth it. I used that thing for 10 years or so until LCDs became a thing. So my rationale was the same, just get a really nice/big monitor and start using Mac Minis. I can’t justify that price though. I keep trying to, but it’s a bit much.

Considering that M1 Max MBP can exceed this price range, I don’t get the comparison here. Plus a monitor can easily outlive any computer.

Few things to take into consideration:

  1. I know few people here and on twitter who own an XDR, so I don’t see the post appropriate in the first place and I see it as shaming those who purchased it.
  2. A monitor usually outlives a computer, so if it lives for 6+ years, that’s a good ROI.
  3. This is the only monitor that has this pixel density.
  4. Anyone who uses an XDR is probably purchasing it as a business cost, so they might not be as price sensitive.

Pro monitors are usually used on Arms, the VESA adaptor is not expensive. And considering my long journey with quality arms, which are very difficult to purchase; you need to invest a bit of money to buy a good arm. A good arm that can handle this monitor + VESA Adaptor are approaching the price of the stand.

I hadn’t considered this. Thanks for enlightening me.

Yeah, I see your point about VESA arm pricing now.


Think about it this way: They give you a $800 discount for going with the VESA mount option ($199 VESA adapter - $999 Pro Stand).


This was not my intention. Honestly, I am trying to justify it for myself to get one and was hoping to get views of non-pros who own this monitor.

I do not see them as shaming their purchase. This post is to get their views. People can buy expensive things and regret it and people can also get expensive things and feel it’s worth it. Only those who have purchased are able to confirm how they feel about it.

If this post is inappropriate, happy for the mods to take appropriate action.

Curious @mina do you have one?

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Makes me wonder about my $5,000 computer that is now hanging on this $35 monitor arm…


All good. As for buying it for yourself, that really depends on your use case. What do you usually do and work on? If this is not a business purchase, I’d say you’d probably regret it. However if it’s business, and you need 32” monitor, this is the only monitor in the market that is worth your money. I was in the market to purchase a monitor early this year, and there is no other monitor that is good enough is this size. I still love to buy one.

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Let’s put it this way, My productivity will not increase one bit if I replaced my current lg ultrafine with the pro XDR display.

It looks cool and that’s why my heart wants it lol

It’s not a business purchase and I know in my right frame of mind, I will not get it.

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That’s the one you use to do real science. I told you before this is the kind of stuff that is worth multiples of this number.

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Let me put it this way, it’s way bigger than the ultra fine even for 27”; so productivity increase is hard to measure, because there will be some benefits.

If you can afford it, get it, it’s the most beautiful display in the market, the pixel density and contrast far exceeds the Ultrafine.

Imagine, you bought the XDR PRO and 13 months later, this happens:

As Jason Snell proved with his iMac, spiders under the display are, in fact, covered by Apple Care+.

I am not a Pro Display XDR owner (I wish) but definitely see why non photography/cinematography professionals are still buying it despite its ludicrous price tag.

All good points made in the thread, it’s the only Apple-made display and the only display on the market with such a high pixel density and built to Apple standards so… many people are left with no choice.

And while monitors do usually outlive the computers, the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro’s displays kinda just beat the XDR in a laptop/tablet. Which means an upgrade to the XDR or a “better” standalone display is likely coming soon. Must feel great to be an XDR owner now :upside_down_face:

i am hopeful that next year, Apple gives us a consumer friendly apple display…


I’ve never been so tempted and not tempted at the same time by an Apple product.

Im hoping they do release something about half the cost, but 80% of the monitor in early 2022.

Or you could go for the Dell 8K display for $4009.99 (stand included).

@MereCivilian If I had an XDR, it would definitely not bother me that it cost more than the computer it was connected to (although with the price of my not-yet-shipped new MBPro, it’s a close call). In photography, for example, one might put a 10-15K lens on a 3-6K camera body. Possibly a similar situation.

In any case, I would suspect that if money were not an issue, every one of us would be a potential XDR owner! I have certainly been considering it, but at least right now it’s not the best use of my money, even if I would love to have one. Someday…