Does anyone know how to specify an Omnifocus project inside a folder via URL?

The task I am trying to do should be reasonably easy. I send emails to myself with a tag in the subject that allows to detect these emails and save them as raw email files on the Desktop.

A KM macro runs my custom script that extracts attachments from the emails and saves them to a specific folder, and emits an OmniFocus URL that will create a task named the subject of the email, and the notes of the task contain file URL links that I can click to go to the file in Finder to review/read.

I want the task to be in a project called “Medical” in the folder “Reading”. I can just specify the project as “Medical” because it’s the only project with that name, but if in the future I create another “Medical” project in a different folder, OF will not know where to create the task.

The OmniFocus URL looks like this:
omnifocus:///add?name=<email subject>&project=Medical&autosave=true&note=<file urls>
where obviously the content of the angle brackets is appropriately filled in based on then email

This works fine, but I don’t know how to specify the folder path to the project in the URL.

I have not found anything via the OF website or The Google.

I had thought that something like Folder>Project would work, but that just creates a new project at the top level called “Folder>Project” so presumably some other mechanism is needed.

The last documentation I can find of this URL scheme is for OF version 2 (I’m of course on 3, eventually going to 4).

I can solve this problem with some AppleScript where I find the appropriately named folder and the project in that folder, and then get the project ID and use that instead, but that seems more inelegant.


Try the Omni Discourse forum (google it), there’s lots of help there.

You can use a colon (:) to separate the folder and the project, so something like project=Folder:Project should do the trick. :slight_smile:


@Kaitlin Thank you, that did the trick. All the stuff I found online about target=/folder/ was basically erroneous. Thanks for the help!

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