Does anyone know of an outdoor gate sensor?

I have an outdoor gate that is shared between us and our neighbors in our duplex. I’m looking to put a sensor on it to tell me if it’s open or closed before I let my dogs out. My husband hates going outside to check (and I don’t particularly enjoy it either in the snow and rain) but I don’t want to risk my dogs getting out. If it was just us, I’d put a lock on it, but I can’t because it’s a shared gate.

I have the Eve window and door sensors inside and absolutely love them. Does anyone know about something similar that is able to be used outside? Obviously HomeKit would be preferred, but I don’t mind using things that aren’t.

How about a camera instead?
Here’s some recent discussion:

I agree, go the camera route. If you don’t want a camera, maybe look on Amazon for sensors and see what they have.

A quick google found this:

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What about 2 locks? Farms do this all the time. There is a series of chains on the gate and padlocks that connect them. Each person allowed to have access has their own padlock and tracks their own keys.

Found this picture but there are lots of different ways to handle it.

multiple locks

I can honestly say that I would have never thought of that, but it makes a lot of sense.

This looks promising!

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