Does anyone know why app does not have a Sevices Option


I’m trying to use come automation in this app, and I don’t gave a services folder to gain access to these automations, not sure if I’m missing something to turn it on

My guess would be because it’s a Catalyst app. Does anyone know if Catalyst apps routinely do not have Service support?

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Since Mac-like services do not exist on iOS, I would venture a no. It would be helpful if @murrayjack could elaborate on what kind of automations he wants to activate exactly.

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Hi, thanks yes I could elaborate :slight_smile:

I am very new to automation on the Mac, and have created a script in automator that looks up some details from an API on the web, and this all works great! , the only way I know to connect this to a keyboard shortcut is to use the keyboard screen in preferences and create a app shortcut in there,

if I understand this correctly this connects the keyboard shortcut to the menu option in services, and in some apps this shortcuts works perfectly, now I would like to use craft but this doesn’t have the services menu option so I can’t seem to use it

If all you want is to fire an automation through a system wide keyboard shortcut, you don’t need Craft to support services; you could for instance fire it through a Keyboard Maestro command.

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Ah that works :slight_smile: thanks.

Heading down the automation rabbit hole!!

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