Does anyone use ScanSnap Home software?

Yesterday, I installed latest version of ScanSnap Home released on NOV 6th and did the firmware upgrade on my ix500. Then I finally upgraded to macOS Catalina. I am happy to report and everything seems to be working fine. The ScanSnap Home software is a bit different than ScanSnap Manager, but I was able to scan several documents without any issues. Overall, things worked out much better than I expected.

I gave up on Scansnap Home after too many frustrating moments.
Also don’t like the ways it does file naming and management.

I am now using the Scansnap iX500 successfully with ExactScan Pro.
Nice and lean application with all the bells and whistles, fast scanning and it doesn’t slow down my machine.

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Excellent news, thank you. Does ExactScan Pro perform OCR on the documents?

Yes it does. Also use PDF Pen Pro for batch OCR using a script in Hazel. Happens in the background and speeds up scanning. Alternatively there is Prizmo

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I finally made the switch from ScanSnap Manager to ScanSnap Home. It looks like it didn’t convert my scanning profiles correctly. When I do a scan it goes directly into Paperless and it also scans to a folder so I can manually double-check that file and upload it to an expense reporting system. It seems that I can’t “Scan to Paperless” and “Scan to Folder” simultaneously. Does anyone have any ideas for a workaround other that scanning twice?

I, too, am disillusioned with my Scansnap, and the software is horrible. But I don’t think for me it makes sense to spend $69 to $99 for alternate software.

I have been increasingly using my phone to scan most of the things I need to scan, to the point that I have moved my Scansnap scanner off my desk to make room for my new typewriter (yes, you read that right). I don’t scan a ton of multi-page documents, and Scanner Pro has some sweet built-in animation that I can use in combination with Hazel and DevonThink to get stuff where I need it.

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Since starting this thread in Oct 2018 I have grown used to ScanSnap Home. Having said that, I rarely go into the main desktop software and just use the menu bar app to switch profiles if I need to.

@backpacker I remember that Home does not convert profiles well and you need to set each up manually. This is a once only task and then all OK.

I use Hazel automation to file receipts but apart from that I get ScanSnap to place most scans on the desktop and I take care of it from then onwards.

The ScanSnap scanner is very good and I think that the Home software being poor just means that I don’t
go into it much and rely on other workflows.

My issue with it is that about half the time I go to scan something, the software crashes and the scan stops midway through. I have take the paper out, unplug the scanner from power for a few seconds, and plug it back in. The scan works flawlessly after that every time.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there a way to set it up so the Home software doesn’t open every time I start a scan? I love the hardware but hate the software. If I can use the former without the latter, I’d love to do that. (But don’t want to spend $69-99 for other software.)

You can make it stop opening the ScanSnap Home software:

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 12.13.23 PM

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 12.13.35 PM

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I think you just changed my life. Thank you!!

Well, try it first before making that claim. By the way, I haven’t noted any problems using it on the BigSur beta.

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I’m using Exact Scan Pro with my trusty ScanSnap S1500M. It’s worked like a charm under Mojave and now Catalina. Far better than the Fujitsu s/w, lots of profiles, some I’ve setup to do OCR, others not. I love it - great tech support when I had a few questions when I started.

But I would never buy another Fujitsu scanner due to the way they treat their customers.


I have my device connected to dropbox. IX500. Of course everything scans to a particular folder. I know I don’t have anything going on after that but I never load the software. It just shows up in dropbox folder and I apply what I want.

I’ve been having ScanSnap Home problems; scanning to a network mount point would fail, and I couldn’t get changing the destination to stick.

I tried redownloading the software for a reinstall, but the installer told me no need, your software is already installed.

For awhile I used the phone version for scans, not looking forward to an afternoon of troubleshooting or uninstalling to reinstall. Your simple steps unstuck my scanner, thank you.

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Does Exact Scan Pro have a Searchable PDF Converter? When I switched to ScanSnap Home it disable that app.

I do not know about that but just in case, if you are not aware of Fujitsu’s revival of ScanSnap Manager (at least for now):

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I noticed that. That site says that it Scansnap Manager is compatible with Catalina, but the installer crashes every time I run it. Scansnap Home works fine, though.

That is weird. I did not have any issues several weeks ago, when I installed it on my Mac Mini (Catalina). And if is still running fine today under Big Sur.

Scansnap Manager V7 L30 runs well on my 2020 27" iMac under macOS Catalina 10.15.7.

The link to that version of Scansnap Manager is:

Buried in the installation instructions was a comment that any older version of Scansnap Manager should be uninstalled prior to installation of the new version. I don’t know if the same would apply to uninstalling Scansnap Home, but if you have installed Scansnap Home that would probably be a good idea.

You might try uninstalling older versions of Scansnap Manager that might be present and your current installation of Scansnap manager, re-booting the computer, then installing Scansnap Manager V7 L30 obtained from the link above. That procedure worked well for me.


Thanks!!! that worked for me.