Does anyone use ScanSnap Home software?



Hi - I figured out that to scan multiple pages to one PDF, the profile must be a Document profile (instead of Receipt profile) to offer that option when PDF is selected. Thanks for all the tips!


Existing S1500 home user here. I was looking for a solution to solve the seemingly perpetual “where’s that receipt” issue for one thing or another. Specifically a solution that did not involve a phone, lots of tagging, scanning to the cloud, paying for cloud storage, upload fees, potentially losing all data should there be an account hickup or the company goes belly up.
Found out there is a Receipts program for ScanSnap owners.
Thought cool, just what I need.
Until I tried to download it. Only the owners of the newest systems are allowed to download use it?!

Contacted support to see if there was an oversight and any leeway.
No, support says that I need to buy a new scanner.
Ok, so as a home owner I’m forced to spend $500-$1000 to buy another scanner, duplicating what I already have … in order to use a program that is free with purchase?
And what if were to actually afford an extra scanner and then find out the receipts program does not do what I need it to do or is has some shortcoming making it futile for me. I can’t even trial the program.

Did all S1500 and whichever other models they chose to EOL owners not support the company?
Is this is how Fujitsu thanks their existing customers, who have promoted their products to friends, family, colleagues, clients etc?

And, now skimming through the above post and replies; the manager software can be single seat only with mandatory internet connection / phoning home? What are they thinking?!


I am having a love hate relationship with ScanSnap Home. It seems to be easier for basic Scanning but having fewer options to tweak the setting.

Has anyone figured out a way yet to create a new PDF every x number of pages.

Also is it just me or is the scan quality not quite as good as with ScanSnap Manager? I am using an ix500/


Correction - found the option to create a new PDF every x sheets.

It is in the Detailed Settings > File Format and then Option button brings up a new window.