Does Dragon Still Work on Big Sur?

I’ve got Dragon running on Catalina, and it seems to work ok. Is anyone here running Big Sur and Dragon or know if Dragon is currently working on Big Sur?

I have the same question + one more… can anyone confirm if Dragon Dictate is working on the M1 Macs under Rosetta 2?

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Same question here, if anyone has tried it. Thanks!

The good news - got my M1 MacBook Air.

The bad news - Dragon won’t load.

Looks like the end of the road for Dragon.

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FWIW, I just updated to Big Sur on my 2017 Macbook Air, and Dragon is still working. I haven’t done a lot of testing – I just dictated some text into TextBuddy to see if it still worked. It was 100% accurate.

aegis on the talonvoice slack chat has a fix for Dragon 6.0.8 on the M1

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Thank you for pointing me toward Talon. I’m running the Talon beta on my M1 Mac Mini (not with Dragon), and it is really, really good. I’m just using it for dictation (memos, letters, emails, etc), but it’s accurate and fast. It’s definitely got a learning curve, and I hate trying to find info on Slack, but the software itself is worth it if you’re trying to find a replacement for Dragon and Voice Control isn’t cutting it.

Dragon 6.0.8 runs fine on macos Big Sur, Monterey, and even on Ventura (beta release).
At least, if a computer with older system is updated through newest system (I didn’t try a fresh installation on Monterey or Ventura, but importing data with Migration Assistent leads to a working application).
I tested dictation only, didn’t test other functions of Dragon like controlling the Mac with Dragon).

Hey Ryan if you’re still around do you have that fix or instructions?