Does iCloud reestablish synced folders after reinstall?

I’m the guy that frequently reinstall my iPhone/iPad from scratch and over time it has meant, that I’ve set everything up to be continuously backed up via different tools. If an app/tool doesn’t support this, it will not become part of my workflow. This means that if I lose my phone/iPad, nothing is lost for good or if I decide to reinstall I just do it, without much thinking.

But I’ve never had the same approach to my Mac.

After running the same installation (did every macOS upgrade) since I got it (2013) I’ve decided it’s time for a clean wipe/reinstall. I’ve been running Dropbox, OneDrive and iCloud sync all the time and the only question I have left now is:
When I reinstall (wipe clean) macOS, and log in to iCloud, will it reestablish my iCloud synced folders as they were, or do I need to prepare something before reinstalling?

Yes it will re-sync iCloud after you log into iCloud on the re-setup Mac and validate your credentials. It can take a while – a full iCloud sync in my experience is noticeably slower than Dropbox.

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This is timely, thank you!

I’ve been having some issues with my MBP post-Mojave installation and given I’ve never done a clean install with this MBP (mid-2016) I’m planning one over Christmas. Everything is now on either iCloud or my Synology so I’m now just cataloguing my apps, checking preferences for the most important ones etc.