Does Logitech Spotlight work with MS PowerPoint in IPad?

Hi anyone use Logitech spotlight presentation clicker with iPad Pro? Just wanted to know whether it can be used with MS PowerPoint in iPad. ( iPadOS 15)
I heard it works with keynote. Wanted to know if it will work with MS PowerPoint.

I am planing to buy spotlight because I do all my presentations in iPad and use MS PowerPoint.

I also came to know that spotlight functions won’t work with iPad. I just need to do use it as a clicker to change slides.

It would be great if someone can give me any info about this. Thanks in advance.

It works via Bluetooth, but just for passing slides as a simple clicker.

Its advanced features will require Spotlight’s own software that is not available on iPadOS (and I guess will never be).


Will a cheaper clicker like Logitech R500 work the same way? As a simple clicker?

I have no experience with this one on iPad. But I guess any Bluetooth device should work for advancing slides.

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Yes, it should work just fine. :slight_smile:

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